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Tennis for Kids


I began playing tennis at the age of five, and while many stories of children starting sports at a young age involve burnout and a loss of love for the game, mine never has. And our boys are discovering the fun on the court now, as well!

Tennis is often thought of as a country club sport, but in my 25+ years of playing, neither my family or I have ever belonged to a club. And all four of us still play! There has been a great movement in our country involving the USTA {United States Tennis Association} that has allowed for children of all backgrounds to pick up racquets and learn to play the game right at the public parks in their neighborhoods!

I have fond memories of fun tennis lessons at our local park in the morning and then being back up there hitting at the backboard in the evening while Mom or Dad played in their own tennis league.

Our boys have been hitting around with us or grandparents for a couple of years now, but our oldest {age 7} started lessons this year. We found tennis lessons to be great for teaching fundamentals, learning more about the rules, and having fun on the court in general!

There are many reasons to love tennis and get your boys involved:

Tennis Balls

Inexpensive to get started

Big J uses a 25″ racquet  like this one {meant for ages 8 and up} and Little J uses a 23″ racquet like this one. The 23-25″ range junior racquets shouldn’t cost you much more than $25 and a can of balls is $2 or less! Find a public park with tennis courts or even a wall for them to hit on to get started and you are set! The tennis lessons we just finished were $60 for a total of 12 50-minute lessons.

Great for hand-eye coordination & other skills

Although a racquet provides a little more surface area with which to hit the ball than a baseball bat, tennis is still a great way to develop hand-eye coordination, as well as aim and quick feet. Each stroke – forehand, backhand, volley, serve, overhead – works these skills in a different way and, if played well, it never gets boring!

Life-long game

I mentioned that I have played tennis for over 25 years now and I still love it. My parents started playing in their twenties and are still going strong. And every week, as we walk to lessons, I see men and women well into their seventies and eighties playing on court after court, having a grand time with their friends. I love football and sports in general, but you just don’t see that longevity in many other sports. I’m glad the boys are learning it now and can play for a long time!

Individual, social, and team aspects

Tennis teaches you how to take responsibility for your own game and skills as you play a singles match. When you play doubles, your teamwork skills are expanded while learning to communicate with your partner in the middle of a point and fill in each other’s gaps. And I’ve always loved the social nature of tennis – talking on changeovers, playing for fun with friends, and even taking on The Hubby in a heated match {we’re pretty evenly matched and I love that}. Tennis can bring about growth in many developmental areas.

Do you or your boys play tennis? Do you play together?

If you have any questions about getting your child started in tennis, please feel free to ask in the comments or email me at homewiththeboys at gmail dot com and I will be happy to answer or find out the answer for you!

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  1. Christie R. says:

    My 11-year-old started playing tennis a couple of years ago after deciding he didn’t want to play baseball anymore. He is really enjoying it! I think he likes that he is playing alone and not reliant on other players on his team or at the whim of the coach who is the father of the “best player on the team.” It has built his confidence, too. The friends who play baseball and football look at him and say “What? You play tennis? That’s for girls!” Ethan is quick to reply “What? Can you hit a ball at 100 mph?” He’s proud to play a sport that is outside the norm for our small Texas town.

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