Incredible Homemade Bubble Recipe

Amazing homemade bubbles.


My kids love to blow bubbles. What kid doesn’t, right? I remember as a kid swiping dishsoap and flyswatters from the house to make homemade bubbles when we didn’t have the store bought stuff around. Well, today’s bubble recipe is a little more sophisticated than that but still crazy easy and fun.


Truthfully, I’m not very proactive with activities like this normally. In fact, the only reason I know about this awesome bubble fun is because a friend showed up on my doorstep with all the recipes handy. And it reminded me that I really should put more effort into simple summer fun like this. So without further ado, BUBBLES!


Homemade Bubble RecipeAmazing homemade bubbles.



  • Johnson Baby Shampoo (this is supposed to be the best for bubbles)
  • Glycerin (found at most pharmacies)
  • Water


Mix 1 part baby shampoo to 1 part water. Add 1 – 3 teaspoons of glycerin for every liter or so of solution.


These bubbles are bigger, shinier, and tougher than store bought bubble solution. Use whatever bubble tools you have on hand for blowing or do like we did and sacrifice a couple of metal clothes hangers to create some monster bubbles.


This may not be a bubble recipe to have around all the time but it would be great fun for special occasions like birthday parties, family reunions, etc.


Have you ever made homemade bubbles?


 *This recipe comes from Science World in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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  1. This sounds great! I never heard about using the Baby Shampoo before. I look forward to trying this recipe.

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